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Clim’Ability Sheets


The Clim’Ability Design team has interviewed several companies that have already implemented meaningful climate change adaptation measures.

Here are four good practice examples:


The Clim’Ability team has produced awareness and mediation sheets on the consequences of climate change.

These sheets are built around relevant themes:

Land with dry and cracked ground


Drought episodes which are intensifying in severity and frequency: an expression of climate change on the scale of the Upper Rhine?

Flooding is a meteorological event in which soils that are usually dry
are completely submerged by a layer or blade of water that can be significant.

A live sector under tension. Forests cover a wide range of environmental issues
and economic expectations
and social.

Winter tourism
will have to
innovate in order
to adapt to the

 climate change!



Energy: a highly strategic sector. Since 1986, the sector has not ceased to evolve in relation to environmental issues.



Supporting SMEs in the Upper Rhine in adapting to climate change. Contrary to popular belief, the Upper Rhine is not immune to the effects of climate change.


Heat waves

The increased warming in the summer is greater than in the winter and is accompanied by more frequent, longer and more intense heat waves in the Upper Rhine.