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Climate change is a crucial issue for the socio-economic activities of the Upper Rhine. On a local scale, an increase in extreme events such as floods, droughts, heat waves, … can already be observed, which will themselves have impacts on socio-economic activities. However, it is estimated that ¾ companies in the Upper Rhine are not aware of their exposure to climate risks whereas, in general, the level of impacts generated depends largely on the behavior of the actors in terms of their ability to take these phenomena into account.

This is why, within the framework of the Clim’Ability Design program, we propose to help you diagnose your vulnerabilities and opportunities in the face of climate change.

Crédit : Isadora Campos

We therefore offer an analysis of the risks to which the company’s activity is exposed and the identification of adaptation measures (½ day for an on-site diagnosis). This analysis includes :

  • An assessment of the damages already suffered and their impacts (heat wave, floods, high winds…)
  • A prioritization of all the risks incurred
  • A face-to-face restitution (2 hours) backed by a synthetic analysis file including :
  • Targeted climate projections on the scale of the company’s site
  • Identification of sources of customer dissatisfaction related to climate change
  • Assistance in designing an action plan to be implemented to anticipate risks and opportunities
  • A connection with qualified experts.


The Clim’Ability Design diagnostic is the first step to build your climate change adaptation strategy.

by Amandine AMAT.