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To obtain a Diagnosis

Presentation of the Clim'Ability Diag tool

Clim’Ability Diag, accessible via the green box on the right of the screen, allows a company to establish a global diagnosis or partial diagnoses of its sensitivity to the current climate and its evolution in future climate.

These diagnoses are carried out in the form of diagrams that relate :

  • Meteorological hazards with positive or negative consequences on the company’s activity: heat waves, floods, wind, droughts, …
  • The different functions of the company: supply, human resources, site and buildings, networks and means of communication, …

The summary obtained allows to visualize concretely how each hazard impacts each function of the company. The future evolution of meteorological hazards (modifications of frequency, intensity and duration of events) is also informed, and detailed more widely in the section “What future for this hazard”.

The diagnostic can be obtained quickly, in less than 30 minutes, with or without the assistance of a project manager authorized to use this tool. It is recommended to perform it with several members of the company to allow for more in-depth discussions.

A lot of information is available throughout the process to help you complete the diagnosis if you are self-sufficient. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our partners who specialize in the use of the tool via their contact information below.

Amandine AMAT
Climate change and water mission manager

Meteorology engineer