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The Clim’Ability Design training platform is a common space where it is possible to find various sources of knowledge to inform and raise awareness about climate change at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The platform includes educational elements such as videos, courses and presentations developed by our partners, as well as a glossary that includes climate change related terms and explains them to the user.

by Isadora CAMPOS

Building a strategy to reduce your vulnerabilities to climate change: find the right tool for you

WORK (10)

To help you adapt to climate change, the Interreg Clim’Ability project offers you several methods to analyze your climatic sensitivities, identify your vulnerabilities and opportunities and build a real strategy.

Answer this quick (10 mn) and fun quizz and you will be oriented towards the most appropriate support to prioritize your actions and gain agility.

by Danièle Schmitt

Clim’Ability Kompass is a quick and fun quiz that has been designed to help users discover the Clim’Ability toolbox.

In order to help the user, Clim’Ability Kompass has three objectives:

  • Quickly assess the user’s knowledge of the climatic and economic aspects related to climate change;
  • Orient the user to the appropriate elements of Clim’Ability Resources;
  • To prepare for the use of self-diagnostic tools such as Clim’Ability Diag and Clim’Ability Check, as well as the Climate Inspector of the Upper Rhine.