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What is the Climate Inspector?

The tool “Climate Inspector” is an interactive map collection on climate change in the trinational metropolitan region Upper Rhine. It is aimed at all interested persons in a professional and private context. The users of the tool can inform themselves about the concrete consequences of climate change in the region in just a few clicks.

For example, they learn how the number of summer days or winter precipitation will develop in their community. The tool has a simple structure and uses generally understandable language.

How does the Upper Rhine Climate Inspector work?

With the help of the “Climate Inspector”, data on the development of important climatic parameters such as summer days, tropical nights, frost days, heavy rainfall, winter precipitation and summer precipitation can be interactively queried. A distinction can be made between two future scenarios (“Climate Protection Scenario” / RCP4.5 and “Business-as-usual scenario” / RCP8.5) and three time horizons (near future = 2021-2050, middle future = 2041-2070 and far future = 2071-2100).

By clicking into the map, the value of the selected parameter is displayed at the desired location. A short explanatory text explains the climatic parameter and its expected change in the course of climate change. A comparative value of a nearby climate station is given for classification.