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Workshop “Water, climate and agribusiness”

« Water and climate: how the agri-food industry adapts to change in the Upper Rhine » : Participate in this workshop proposed by Clim’Ability Design in the framework of the Cycl’Eau Grand Est (July 1st 2021)

Industrial performance, costs, image, risks of shortage or tension on resources… All these issues have made water a major issue for the agri-food industry, which is very dependent on this resource. As the effects of climate change on water resources are increasingly tangible, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the adaptation of agri-food companies to these stakes appears necessary.

In order to bring a complete vision of these stakes and concrete adaptation solutions for the agri-food companies of the Upper Rhine, Clim’Ability Design organizes within the framework of the Cycl’Eau Grand Est event a workshop on « Water and climate: How the agri-food sector adapts to change in the Upper Rhine ». This workshop will last 1h30 and will bring together scientists, industrial leaders and institutional decision-makers.

Participation to the workshop is free and online; it will take place at 2pm in several languages (registration required).

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