Critical Zones – Virtual Exhibition

On the weekend of May 22-24, 2020, the exhibition “Critical Zones” opened with a streaming festival that broadcasted the event for three days on the ZKM’s (Karlsruhe Center for Art and Media, Germany) youtube channel. The opening program included guided tours for the virtual and real exhibition spaces (in the latter case, not yet accessible to the public), as well as interviews, round tables and lectures. Curator Bruno Latour was connected to the event by video.

The public who followed the show, as well as the invited scientists and artists, were able to contribute with questions and suggestions thanks to a group created for this purpose as part of the Telegram chat service. Viewers had the experience of being involved in the exhibition.

The Clim’Ability Design project will participate in this event and will offer workshops during special business days within the exhibition. For the moment, through the link, it is possible to access the virtual environment of the exhibition. It is interesting to note that with each access, the structure of the site changes according to the contents that are presented to the visitors. Thus, the online platform itself becomes an interactive and “self-generating” work of art.

Did you miss the live transmission? The videos were recorded on the ZKM’s youtube channel and can be accessed via the link:

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