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Prepare your company for the consequences of climate change in the Upper Rhine !

For a better future

ClimAbility Design's philosophy

Clim’Ability Design aims to identify the vulnerabilities of Upper Rhine companies in the perspective of climate change. The challenge is to adapt corporate strategies to future climatic and socio-economic conditions.

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The collection and association of meteorological, climatic, hydrological, economic and social information…


The design of supports for vulnerability diagnostics for companies in the Upper Rhine…


The aim is to identify scenarios for adapting to climate change with certain companies ready to make a commitment…


It is a question of building a certain number of prerequisites from all these experiences with and with companies…


To build an interactive space contributing to the maintenance and dissemination of knowledge to support companies…

develop adaptation concepts

To develop adaptation concepts specific to the Upper Rhine…

Climate services for companies

to see MORE clearly

The Clim’Ability team has produced awareness-raising and mediation sheets on the consequences of climate change…

Website dedicated to the different trainings managed by the Clim’Ability project: Glossary, Courses, media, …

Thematic sheets: how to adapt your company for the next climate changes…


Because this project always needs new actors, join the project and take advantage of our research….

Climatic hazards affect everyone, get trained and find out how to improve your resilience …

Access our library of informative videos recorded by professional experts…
News and calendar


The Earth’s global climate is experiencing more or less cyclical changes of warming alternating with cooling and warming. Clim’Ability Design has answers to bring to your company, follow our news…

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Salon Industries du Futur Be 4.0 - Annulé
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